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The Good in Goodbye. Part 2 Date: Jun 22nd @ 2:51am EDT
His grunt is deep and satisfying, and the musky flavor I taste at the tip and spread down his shaft is incredible. Seeming to recognize we’ve shifted from friends to lovers, Len slips his hand under my panties and begins strongly kneading my ass cheeks. I moan appreciatively on him, and the encouragement prompts him to reach under and find my aching pussy.
Len’s searching fingers under my sheer panties on my bare pussy is pure electricity, and I gasp on his cock as he starts exploring me. I’m agape around him, shamelessly drooling on him as he cups me and presses against me, as he slides a finger between my folds. I wriggle to guide him, and now he’s fingering me, Len is actually fingering my pussy and the moan that comes out of me is so plaintive it almost sounds pitiful.
Len takes no pity on me though, unfazed by the fact I’ve stopped my work as he leans to better tend to me, working another finger into me. I shimmy closer, give myself up to him, and my voice shudders against the floor planks as he pumps his big fingers in and out of me, the wet crackling sound echoing off the close walls and turning me on even more…
…I need him inside me.
The realization dawns on me all at once. If you’d suggested an hour ago that our evening of reminiscence would culminate in having sex I’d have laughed myself hoarse, but now it’s seemed a foregone conclusion all along. My desire is so raw, so immediate. It goes beyond any crass notion of â€~being horny’ to the point of being an ache deep in my womanhood that only Len can remedy.
I withdraw, feel the bittersweet feeling of his fingers coming out of me. I force myself to keep eye contact with him as I unhook my bra. The disbelieving look as Len sees my bare breasts for the first time is one I’ll never forget. It gives me the confidence to keep going, to slide my rumpled panties down and off, revealing my lightly trimmed bush to Len in the warm lantern light.
Len is in seeming awe, and the effect on me is incredible. My insecurities about my body melt away under the heat of his gaze as he takes his boxers off, fully freeing his throbbing cock I’m so ready for. I lie back on the blanket, spread my legs for him, feel my slickened pussy lips part. He sees it, looks at me. I nod to reassure him.
Light and shadow play across Len’s taut torso as he comes to me, settles between my thighs. His cock shaft nestles between my pussy lips as he descends and, unable to resist, closes his mouth around one of my nipples. The combined feeling is completely overwhelming. My mind is static, my back arches. His hand comes around to support me as he sucks deeply on my tits, first one and then the other.
Soon he leans back, caressing my legs as he looks down at me. I bite my lip in nervous anticipation. He looks at me, and I nod vigorously. He needs to know I’m not allowing. I’m insisting.
Len’s attitude and movements are reverent as he grasps himself, lines himself up with me. I suck a breath in at the feeling of his tip touching me. I spread my legs wide for him as he gently leans into me, parting me, stretching me. I take a deep breath, trying to relax so I can accommodate him. My efforts pay off as I feel the ridge of his cockhead slip into me, see his brow furrow as he concentrates and gently starts working me open.
My voice squeaks and creaks as Len stretches me open. I look at the ceiling of our forest sanctuary and feel so fortunate I had the opportunity to offer myself on this altar, to sacrifice my inhibitions and let Len feel the depths of my love for him in the deepest reaches of my body.
Len soon reaches them, withdraws to find them again, and again, and oh my fucking God Len and I are having sex, we’re fucking each other in the fucking fortress and Christ is his cock fat and it’s stretching me so perfectly, just shy of discomfort in that little window of bliss and I’ve never been so dripping wet in my life as he strokes, strokes so deep, he’s leaning into me, our skin clapping as he drives into me, his abs ripple as he clenches them to thrust into my pussy, Len’s dick in my pussy and oh fuck, oh fuck I feel it coming…
My orgasm starts as a low rumble of thunder, starts deep in my chest before rolling up and out of my lips, and I can’t even form the words to tell him that I’m coming for him, that I love him, I have to let my pussy say it all as it clenches and milks his insistent, unyielding cock. I writhe as I moan for him, grunt and moan without any inhibition, not here.
My vision clears, and I see Len is close. I selfishly want nothing more than for him to fill me up, to feel his seed inside me, but I can’t do that to him if something happened. Len saves the discourse as he silently agrees with me, pulling out of me and quickly moving to jerk himself off. I feel the underside of Len's cock wiggling against my sensitive clit, and it takes my breath away as he begins to come for me, one hot spurt of cum after another splashing first on my puffy pubic hair, then my belly, and almost up to my tits as my eyes flare open at how hard he’s coming for me. He abuses himself so I can feel every last drop, and I trace my fingers through the sticky mess, awestruck.
Len collapses onto me, we kiss and I wrap my arms around him to hold him. We don’t have much time, but we’ll always have tonight. And I only now realize neither of us said a word.. We let our bodies talk tonight.
The Good in Goodbye. PArt 1 Date: Jun 22nd @ 2:48am EDT
“I can’t believe it’s come to this, Carmen.”
Len speaks for the both of us as we sit and curse the retreating day, horizon’s blazing orange slowly giving way to the pinks and purples of a warm night.
Because I can’t believe it either.
It wasn’t supposed to end like this, this friendship we’ve had. Inseparable since kindergarten. Raids on zombie outposts in the woods, sticks our rifles, rocks our grenades. Road trips with friends singing the Ghostbusters theme at the top of our lungs, bare feet on the dashboard, soda in the cupholders.
Len was a Dr. Pepper kind of guy. I was an Orange Crush girl.
We were together enough to earn a couple name. CarLen. Wouldn’t have been so slick if he went by his given Leonard. We were never a couple though. People encouraged it, but usually if they didn’t know us very well. Len was always my little unrelated brother from another mother.
Paradoxically too close to be close.
We knew too much. He was subjected to my abject horror when I got my first period, I to a recounting of his cringeworthy first sexual experience (and the rolling debate about whether or not he left his virginity behind). We ribbed and kidded, but we always had each other’s backs. He never jested about my short cropped hair, because he knew the shit I got about it.
Same with my lackluster breasts. I took enough incoming from the big titted pretties. He heard it all, and knew better than to pile on, even in jest. And I don’t know what I would have done without him when Mom and I had our last fight, after her drunken voice forbade me to return.
It’s the only advice I ever took from her.
But now, after all the glory, the lumps and bumps and cheers and tears, a whimper. Goodbye. My job and shitty apartment give me means to stay, but Len is still beholden to his parents for the time being. Parents whose relationship with him would be jeopardized if he crashed with me, a female he isn’t married to.
It isn’t right. But it isn’t worth the fight.
And I forbid him to fight it. His parents, backward as they are, are well connected. They can pave the way to a good life for him if he plays ball for a while. And their move to Idaho is inexorable. It’s something that just is, like gravity or taxes. Nobody seriously argues against them, and we can’t against it.
So here we are. On a big blanket at one of our spots, where we’ve talked for hours about nothing, about everything. Watching the sunset as the sun sets on our life in each other’s company. There are fewer words now, though.
I rest my head on his shoulder. He rests his on mine.
Tangerine becomes lavender in the western sky.
Len speaks into it without moving anything but his lips. “I wonder how the fortress is doing.”
God. The fortress. The tiny ramshackle cabin we built in the woods so many years before with lumber we �" ahem �" borrowed from one place and then another. It wasn’t much, but it had been ours.
Before the demands of growing up had drawn us away, that is. There had been a somewhat recent expedition to make repairs, prompted by I know not what. A grasping after the simplicity of youth? Guilt at our neglect of such a sacred space? I think we knew even as we toiled it was a losing effort. But I wouldn’t mind a last chance for a glimpse of its charm, so I voice my desire:
“Only one way to find out.”
We find the familiar trail and make our way carefully through the dimming woods, the light turning the blue of tobacco smoke. Our mood is somber. There is much to celebrate between us, but we struggle in it. Because there’s much to mourn as well. Thankfully there’s still oil in the lantern. We fire it up. Words are lost between us, and we embrace.
We can’t get close enough, and we find our limbs intertwining, tighter and tighter until we’re sitting knotted up on the fortress floor. His scent is so familiar, so comforting. I turn to him to take another breath of it in and my lips graze his neck. I hear his breath catch at the sensation, and we both freeze in place.
I feel his heart drumming. We shift, my right leg between his, and my thigh comes flush with his crotch. I feel him beginning to respond to me.
Oh. My. God.
It’s such a…taboo feeling. For fuck’s sake, it’s Len. We used to play cops and robbers together in these very woods. But the tightening bulge in his khakis reminds me we’re adults now, and I cannot will my thigh to move away. I feel my womanhood blossoming and warming at his body’s desire for mine, and feel myself responding in turn.
I shift, stay tight to him. I can’t look him in the eye right now or I’d drop dead, but I just have to feel…I slide up and onto his leg, dropping my weight onto him, feel the crest of his defined quad muscle press through my clothes into the fevering lips of my pussy. I can’t suppress a sigh of satisfaction, and before I know what I’m doing I’m moving against him, ever so slightly rolling against him. The girl in me is horrified that I’m basically humping Len’s leg but the woman needs this, needs the touch, and it’s okay if this is all it comes to, this silent acknowledgement of what his touch is doing to me.
Len shifts his hands. I fear it’s to disengage, that I’ve gone too far, but he stays tight against me and brings his hands to rest, one on the crest of my shoulder and the other on the small of my back. Skin to skin. He holds there for a moment before he moves it slightly, then starts tentatively caressing me.
“Mm,” I intone, just audibly. I didn’t mean to moan for him, but the sound just came out. He seems to take it as encouragement, sliding his hand further up into my shirt, and I don’t know what to do with myself. The feeling of Len’s hand sliding up my back, so dangerously close to my bra, is overwhelming. My hips are moving more now, I know I shouldn’t but I can’t stand not to, and his fingers slip under my bra strap, and my mouth opens in shock against the skin of his neck.
I taste Len for the first time, taste the salt of his skin, and it’s an intoxicant. He inhales through his nose as though to calm himself, and in closing my mouth I realize I’ve just effectively kissed his neck. I’m in an awkward position and shift against him, and I feel Len is fully erect for me, and I have trouble believing it, that Len could possibly be turned on by a mousy tomgirl like me, but there is certainly no denying what I’m feeling.
It doesn’t seem he wants to deny it, because now he moves against me, and I feel the length of his shaft sliding against my leg, and it’s like he struck a match against me it burns so deeply. Len scrutinizes me. My heart squeezes as though a strongman were balling it in his...
Suddenly we’re kissing.
I would have thought there’d be more buildup to our first kiss after so long, but desperation has set in between us. Len tests for a boundary I’ve completely removed now, his hands roving over my body until they, with the slightest hesitation, find my breasts. I shiver at his touch, and I’m overcome with a desire to see him, all of him, and I reach for his belt.
The next part happens in a blur. Len starts helping me, and with neither of us wanting to drag out an awkward process of stripping we madly paw at our clothes. I lose my balance trying to get my shorts off and fall into him, and we both tumble to the floor. We paused long enough to chuckle nervously, realize we’re both in our underwear now. I see him straining against his boxers, give him a look, reach through them and pull him out.
Len is thick, thicker than any of my toys at home. A desire washes over me, but I’m afraid if I hesitate I’ll talk myself out of it. So as Len sits on the floor, I come perpendicular to him on my knees, lower my head into his lap and take him deeply in my mouth.
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