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Convincing Your Wife to Cheat on You. Part 2 Date: Jun 22nd @ 1:19am EDT
“The next ten pounds were a little harder to lose, of course. You hit a plateau. My motivation was still so strong, though. I knew that if I made it I would get another one of these cuckold treats, and if I made it all the way to my goal â€" I had such a delicious carrot dangling in front of me. It made sticking to the plan so easy.
“I stepped on the scale on morning and saw that I was twenty pounds down. I texted my wife at work a photo of the scale.
“Down twenty! I texted her.
“Congratulations, she texted back. I will give you your reward this weekend.
“So that weekend she told me she wanted to go to this hotel down in Laguna where really beautiful people go â€" we had actually been there for our fifth anniversary. The plan was for her to hang around at the pool while I watched from the balcony of the room above the pool.
“So it was a beautiful hot July day that Saturday when we checked in. I took up my post on the balcony, with a pair of binoculars I had brought down expressly for the voyeuristic purpose.
“My wife Caley looks pretty great in a bikini. She has large breasts and no fat on her from all her hours on the spin cycle. I knew it wouldn’t take long. After about twenty minutes sunbathing she was approached by a hot young surfer type with long hair. They chatted a while. At one point she handed him the sunblock and I watched as he rubbed it all over her back while she lay on her stomach. I watched him lathering the back of her legs, and working his way up between her thighs. Not too far, but close enough. I was so hard watching this. Then she rubbed some sunblock on him. Same thing. She rubbed up between his thighs. Very close. But not quite there.
“In a little while, he grabbed her by the hand and they went down to the beach. Now I couldn’t see them, so I hurried on down with my binoculars and perched myself on the bluff above the beach where I could watch them walking down hand in hand. They put their feet in the water a little bit and then splashed each other playfully. I watched my wife laughing like I hadn’t seen her laughing in so long. She was really enjoying this. She deserved to laugh. She’s such a good person.
“Well, their water play led up to him grabbing her and kissing her, stroking her hair, all that. Man, it was good to watch. My wife told me later that he invited her back to his room. Instead, she invited him back to our room. I got a text while they were walking back up to the hotel: meet us in our room.
“So it wasn’t awkward at all when they showed up. The guy, Mitchell, was totally chill with the idea of me watching. She told him they couldn’t fuck because she was going to save that for my final prize for making my goal weight. But they could do everything else.
“And they did everything else.
“I watched as Mitchell took off my wife’s bikini and sucked on her tits for like half an hour â€" I understood! They were fun to play with. Then he pulled her bikini bottoms off and revealed her shaved pussy. He went down on her and made her cum. Finally, she pulled his bathing shorts off and revealed a huge pecker. That surfer Mitch was sporting a good eight-incher.
“So much bigger than my husband’s,” my wife said. Mitch looked over at me.
“Sorry,” he said.
“Don’t be,” I assured him.
“Then she sucked his dick and he shot into her mouth. As we had arranged previously, she called me over and gave me a big kiss and I got a mouthful of Mitch’s cum.
“Afterwards we all three hung around in the hot tub by the pool and had cocktails. Mitch kept trying to convince us to let him fuck Caley, but we were strong. “Not until ten more pounds, then we’ll call you,” my wife said. I could tell she really liked him, and the idea of fucking that big dick. But she also really wanted me to reach my goal. My darling wife.”
“Well, about two months later I reached it. The last few pounds just wouldn’t come off. I finally had to resort to fasting for two days straight to get the pounds off. Then I yelled my wife, “Better get Mitch on the phone! I made it!”
“My wife was true to her word. We invited Mitch out to visit. My wife beforehand said, “You’re so hot now you lost all the weight. I don’t want you just to watch. I want both of you to make love to me.”
“OK,’ I said. “But Mitch goes first.”
“Mitch arrived around 8pm, looking handsome in his jeans and cowboy boots and his long hair in a ponytail.
“Why don’t you guys go on up by yourselves,” I suggested, after a few drinks. “Have some alone time before I join you.”
“I watched Mitch walk up the stairs to our bedroom. Then I followed up and looked in from the hall. My wife was kind enough to leave the door open a crack. I saw her being undressed, kissed, loved on. She was moaning like crazy. He ate her pussy to a quick orgasm.
“Fuck me, Mitch,” she said then. “I want you to fuck me with that big hard cock.”
“And he got on top of her and started thrusting. My wife was all flushed in the face. I could see her. This was really a pounding she was getting. She was finally being fucked the way she deserved to be fucked. She was getting fucked in a way that sent her over the edge of control. Mitch was so big, and he was pounding her so hard, that she kind of got lost to the abandonment of lovemaking in a way I had never seen. She was smashing the sheets with her arms. Flailing away.
“Then she got on all fours and he fucked her from behind. She was screaming again. I asked her later and she confirmed that she was having multiple orgasms.
Finally Mitch came in her from behind.
“That’s when I came in. My wife lay down and I ate her pussy and tasted some of that delicious Mitch cum. Then I began fucking her. Meanwhile, Mitch came up to her face and put that big dick in her mouth. He got hard in no time. I could tell my wife wanted to have some more of that cock in her pussy.
“Go ahead hon,” I said. “Take him for a ride.”
“Mitch lay down and she got on top of him, and rode that cock hard. She pressed herself hard against his pelvic bone. He grabbed her ass hard and pulled her again and again and again hard on to his big cock.
“They came together. And I came too, standing there in my bedroom.
“I had achieved my weight loss goal. I had achieved my cuckold goal of simultaneously cumming while my wife was orgasming with another man.
“I was the man I always dreamed I could be. A skinny, happy, healthy little cuckold!”
Convincing Your Wife to Cheat on You. Part 1 Date: Jun 22nd @ 1:18am EDT
You can do this.
I know, you got married, you swore to be faithful to each other, and that meant something to her, OK. So don’t be surprised when she rebuffs your first attempt to act out your cuckold fantasy. It’s the last thing she wants to do, cheat on her soulmate.
It’s the thing you, however, want more than anything else in the world. That’s because you are a cuckold. It is your destiny to be cuckolded, and the only thing standing in your way is your wife.
Some people actually make money selling books and offering advice on how to convince your wife to cuck you. But I have found in my experience that there is no one solution to this problem. Every wife is different. And every wife is going to be convinced by a different argument.
By way of illustration, I will tell you about a couple, Gabriel and Caley, who arrived at a happy cuckold situation through something that can only be described as the cuckold diet. The effective part of this deal was that it turned something that she perceived as unhealthy â€" adultery â€" into something that was very good for her husband’s health â€" weight loss. It was a complete reframing of the conventional notions around cuckolding.
“I was thirty pounds overweight for like 20 years. I just couldn’t get the motivation to stick with any diet plan. Then my wife came up with a motivation.
“She told me, for every ten pounds I lost, she would act out a little part of this cuckold fantasy I had been bothering her about, and if I lost all thirty she would have full sex with another guy while I watched.
“Wow! Did that motivate me! Those first ten pounds came off so fast. My plan was simple. I would not eat anything, just drink coffee all day. And then have one meal at five o’clock â€" low carb. And no drinking. In about two months I had lost ten pounds. It was my first payday.
“We hadn’t really agreed on anything ahead of time, but my wife came up with this for my ten pound payday. She would go into a club and sit at the bar. I would enter afterwards and watch from the other end of the bar. We would see what happened.
“Man it was worth all that not-eating, to see her all dressed up in this short skirt, looking so sexy. We headed out. After a while the bar got crowded and she started talking to this guy. I was watching across the way with a big boner as they were flirting and then they danced a little bit. At around midnight I saw her give him her phone number and say goodbye. She leaned in and made out with him for about a minute. Then she headed out and went down to our car. I followed.
“Wow, in the car I basically tore her clothes off and fucked her like crazy. Seeing her kiss that guy had made me so horny. And hearing her tell about it was good too. I learned that he had slipped his hand up her skirt as they were making out and touched her between her legs. I put my hand between her legs. She was sopping wet down there. It was awesome.”
The Night Crossing Date: Jun 19th @ 4:49am EDT
"You know the best way to warm up is for you to take your shirt off, too. Skin against skin," Emma tilted her head back and nuzzled Rachel's neck.

"You are insane." Rachel's embarrassment was hard to hide. Nonetheless, a twinge of excitement raced through her. She had never experienced this side of Emma. And while perplexing, there was an unexpected allure.

Both regularly dated men, with whom they had varying degrees of success. Never, though, had Emma hinted that she might be interested in anything more than a platonic relationship with Rachel. Or any other woman, for that matter. But maybe tonight, the chill, the fatigue, the Baltic air, and the whiskey was just the tonic to send Emma into a state that Rachel was beginning to feel would be hard to undo.

And so, despite her nagging apprehension, Rachel permitted herself to do what she could have never anticipated. She stripped off her sweater and t-shirt. Her body, thicker and more athletic than Emma's, had always been a source of unhappiness for her. Tonight, though, an ocean away from home, she decided to embrace it all.

As she submitted, the hair on her arms bristled, and she wondered if it was the sharpness of the cold air or the feel of Emma's soft warm skin on her body. While pondering the newness of it all, Rachel was ripped from her thoughts when the harsh glare of the florescent lights suddenly turned off and was replaced by tiny track lights that lined the corridor. Rachel glanced at her watch. It was 1:00. The silence of the hall and the protection of the shadowy light was all Rachel needed now.

The last of her worries faded and the sensations of her body took hold. A crescendo of excitement was growing inside of her. Emma's skin against her body and her hips between her legs sent Rachel's mind reeling.

"You feel nice," Emma cooed, sinking deeper into Rachel.

Rachel pushed Emma's long dark hair to one side and began rubbing her shoulders. She moaned with every new part of her back and shoulders that Rachel touched. Emma's soft groans of relaxation only added to Rachel's arousal. And now, Rachel allowed her feelings to go where they pleased.

As Rachel continued to caress Emma's shoulders, Emma whispered, "That feels amazing. Thank you." She reached back and took Rachel's hands. "Your hands are so warm." And then, "I want to feel them other places." She cocked her head back and whispered her request into Rachel's ear.
The Birthday Bash Date: Jun 19th @ 4:48am EDT
Once on the bed, she takes the lead. She moves in slowly towards you, looks back at her boyfriend for a moment, and kisses you softly on the lips. You start by making out with her. He is almost instantly hard. She kisses him. She kisses you again. She invites you guys to kiss each other. You realize she's already in her underwear. She looks like a goddamn porn star.

You take off your own top. You help him remove his dumb plaid shirt. But you hold back to let her pilot you through this experience. It is her boyfriend after all, and you know that she can be pretty fierce and protective, especially when it comes to her man.

She teases him with her hands and her mouth through his boxers. He runs his hand through your hair. You look down as she shimmies his boxers right off his body and his erection springs back to point up at you. You're a little shy at first, but your friend gives you a reassuring look. "It's okay. Go for it."
Crossing Borders Date: Jun 19th @ 4:48am EDT
She never let people tell her what to do. Never. But… today was about breaking rules, right?

She rested her palms against the glass and let his fingers resume their trail up her legs. She looked out at her coworkers, repeating to herself, they can't see you. And she knew they couldn't. It was a mirrored window and she knew no one could see in. But being able to see everyone else caused her adrenaline to spike. She was shaking with anticipation.

When his fingers pushed up against her panties, she felt the wetness of her desire soak into the fabric. He tucked his fingers under the wet fabric and between her throbbing lips. She gasped loudly and squirmed, but kept her hands on the glass.

"Yes," he whispered into her ear. "I think maybe you do want me."

"Yes," she echoed as his fingers found her clit and massaged around it. He worked his other hand down the front of her shirt and into her bra, finding her nipple with ease and pulsing his finger and thumb to squeeze her nipple as he sped the rhythm of his fingers in her panties.

She was panting as the pressure built. There was so much danger of being caught, doing this in the middle of the day in the breakroom while everyone else was right outside the window.

Which only made it hotter.
Hey, Babe! Date: Jun 19th @ 4:46am EDT
She flicked off the lights and pushed him against the wall. A frame fell face down on the floor and shattered next to them. She didn't allow him to take notice. She bit at his bottom lip, tugging his face, commanding him to follow her lead as she walked backwards down the hallway, deeper into the darkness, her darkness. And he, submitting to her bestial strength, simply weaved his fingers into the rust of her hair and bowed to her dominion. Like a lowly, unassuming insect, captivated by her hellfire glow.

Halfway down the hall, she slammed him back first into the wall again, harder than before �" no frames there that time. She clawed at his chest under his shirt as she ate his kiss once more and bit down his neck; the groans he breathed out into the obscurity flinched sharply as her fangs grew less and less forgiving.

His buckle caught the flash of lamplight seeping in from somewhere outside as she tugged at the leather strap of his belt. She ran her fingers up and back down the front of his chest, back down to his waist, and unclasped his belt, plucking it from the loops with a single sliding pull. Feverishly, she tore his pants open and moved them, along with his boxers, down just enough to reveal his smug erection. With both palms on his board-firm chest, she smirked at him, kissed him once more, a little softer than before, and squatted down before him.

He held his dark girth in his hand, stroking it as he presented it to her. She swatted his hand away.

"No," she snarled. "Don't touch. That's mine until I'm done with it."

She picked his belt up from the floor and wrapped it around his wrists, binding his hands behind his back.

"You will touch me when I say so," she said and kissed the corner of his dark lips.
Life update Date: Jun 19th @ 4:21am EDT
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