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need that Date: Jan 14th @ 11:24pm EST
It was the middle of dinner and I was horny AF, so I grabbed my own tits, licked my lips, and signaled you to come hither. You crawled under the table and I straddled your face and let you lick my clit right there until my needs were met...
You Date: Jan 14th @ 11:19pm EST
He nibbled my flesh from neck to toes and nipples, turning me on until I screamed, "Fuck me, you tease!" He complied, happily...
Dance for you Date: Jan 14th @ 11:18pm EST
We were grinding on the dance floor and I tingled with pleasure as I felt the massive serpent stiffening between his legs. When he unfastened his pants later that night, I gasped and thanked God for the gift.
teasing... Date: Jan 14th @ 11:12pm EST
He grabbed my ass cheeks, lifted me up, and carried me down the street, the bulge of his crotch teasing my vagina just enough to get me sopping wet...
he Date: Jan 14th @ 11:08pm EST
When I saw him, I slid my hand down over my abdomen slowly until it was between my thighs and started playing with my clit, delicate but determinated as if instructing me. He stripped off all cloths as fast as possible to join in the action before I could make myself climax...
Welcome back Date: Jan 14th @ 5:18am EST
I came back from vacation and we will have some changes I'll type about.
Now u can catch me online mostly at night-morning est time:) look after my online in twitter or turn on online notifications
Happy new year! Date: Jan 8th @ 5:13pm EST
Happy new year!
Be back online on 11th January
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